New Years Kick Off

2010 was an amazing year for Olmos Perk. We saw lots of new faces and forged many new friendships and we hope to see that trend continue into this new year. We even did something radical and closed the shop for an entire week! But now we are back and our floors are shiny and new reflecting the excitement we have for the next 12 months.

We kicked things off right this year with a Gallery opening the past Friday night. I have to admit we were all a tad worried that we were pulling this together so fast, but it turned out to be an amazing event. It just goes to show how our customers are the true power that runs the shop. They rallied together to help us showcase the photography of Libby Beall Goff. Her work is more then amazing as she tells a story of hope and endurance in the faces of the people of Haiti. Her work is for sale and will continue to be shown at the shop through the month of January. All proceeds go toward building sustainable housing in Haiti. A great event and an even greater cause!

On the issue of events, we recently pulled our Friday night venue, but we are looking to bring it back and better than ever. We have been getting lots of suggestions for what we might do. I hope that you continue to share with us. What would you like to see on a Friday evening?

Oh and before I forget, we have some really fantastic new wines to show you, so if you are not just a coffee lover but a wine lover as well, don’t forget to ask us about what we have on our list.

Happy New Year everyone!

Let the Craziness begin!


Morning Snap-shot

After debating for days, ok weeks about what to write here, I realized I had so many ideas I couldn’t decide on one! So I am going to give you a snip-it of my brain.

I want to write about how when it rains the shop takes on this beautiful somber feeling. People come running in from the parking lot with rain on their faces and shirts, but when they finally make it through the door, its all smiles. The smell of espresso does that to people. The windows in the front of the shop give such a great view to the sometimes crazy south Texas weather, and when it rains we try to pretend we are a coffee shop in Portland. Then all of our people from Washington and Oregon come out of the wood work.

When its 6:15am and we don’t open for another 15 more minutes I look for the people who “open” the shop. Perry flips the sign to let people know we are open, Leo follows right after, and P.J. gets here really early to study. I am normally still grinding coffee when the guys show up and we talk about cats, cars, cups of coffee, and airplanes. Yesterday it was all about pancakes! Its never the same, these morning conversations start my day right, laughter is always involved.

Today I served coffee to more new people than regulars! It was awesome! I met a couple visiting from Pasadena, CA. . . they came by before and after breakfast. Then another group of newbies who couldn’t find the shop the day before, so they tried again today. They are still here as I write.

Its the end of this shift, but it never stops at 12:45-the day goes on and my coffee keeps me going, I hope it does the same for everyone else!

A beginning…

Today marks a new adventure for both myself, and the wonderful coffee shop that I represent. I have for some time been interested in having a blog so that we can expand upon the rather extensive social presence that our humble shop has developed. Many of our regular customers know that we like to be informed by and inform them on the comings and goings of the city. While we are located in the North Central part of town we see traffic from all reaches of the city and the country. If you are reading this blog it is likely that you have visited us a few times, or are thinking of visiting us, or most likely are in the shop on a near religious basis. I have read a lot of articles in the past year discussing the importance of the role of “coffee house” in our society. I have in the past three years seen this reality. Coffee shops are not just places to come and grab your caffeinated beverage but rather a place for socializing with others who may support or challenge you, to network and share. They are a meeting place for a community. It has long been a goal of ours to support such an atmosphere in our local hub. We have done this in many ways including music, art, fundraisers, and of course through our vibrant personalities. To this end I hope that for our community this blog can serve to highlight some of the interesting things that are happening around town as well as shed some additional light on some businesses or folks who deserve some recognition. For instance; if you have not yet gone to the Who Knew San Antonio blog or facebook page, you are missing out. They even wrote a wonderful blog about us. So go do some very informed reading;

In any business that has a flow of locals there are always interesting things happening right here in the shop. I have no doubt that this blog will also include some of the more colorful happenings and comments about life, art, and of course coffee. It is after all the web extension of our own brand of “coffee house” culture.

Stay tuned, Stay Caffeinated

Cream n’ Sugar

A little teaser!

Hello world!

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